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ROM content

ROM content in binary, disassembled, and coe format

ROM id Link size # of downloads
A1752CE ROM A1752CE ROM 14.0 KB 13
A1753EE ROM A1753EE ROM 14.3 KB 5
A1753CD ROM A1753CD ROM 13.9 KB 13
A176x ROMs A1761/A1762 ROMs 21.2 KB 9
A1752EF ROM A1752EF ROM 14.0 KB 15
A1752CF ROM A1752CF ROM 14.2 KB 16
A1753CE ROM A1753CE ROM 13.9 KB 13

Hardware features

Various resources for hardware design

Data Link size # of downloads
KiCad QIL42 footprint 2.7 KB 10

Kicad projects

Kicad archives of all PCBs

Project Archive size # of downloads
4 layers PCB of core system (FPGA) PPS4 Core PCB 2.1 MB 6
4 layers PCB for IOs management PPS4.16 IOs manager 1.6 MB 6
4 layers PCB for the handling of A17 signals basic PPS4 signals manager 1.7 MB 7
socket for converting A17 pinning to our clone system socket A17xx 1.1 MB 6

ISE Xilinx projects

A17base contains the whole VHDL project

A17base project zip file size # of downloads
VHDL equations for A17 devices A17Base ISE project 20.3 MB 7

PPS4 disassembler

This is the programm you need for disassembling PPS4 binary code. Also accessible via git clone

Target Link size # of downloads
An exe Win64 exe 0 bytes 18
simple PPS4 disassembler python 3.9 module 14.0 KB 13

Fabrication files

Gerber files to be sent to your PCB maker

Gerber Gerber file size # of downloads
Gerber for socket board Fab socket V2 77.4 KB 4
Gerber files for IO board Fab IOs board 210.7 KB 2
Gerber files for base board Fab base board V2-B 214.4 KB 2
Gerber files for Core board (6-layer) Fab Core Spartan7 644.1 KB 3