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RECEL system III

History of the RECEL Pinballs Here

Thanks to a message left by one of our nice visitors on this site, we recently discovered that Gottlieb was not the only manufacturer having used PPS4 spider chips for their CPU board. RECEL also used a similar architecture. On the link above is collected precious data concerning these machines.

There is very little information on these machines. We think we can make clones for these machines. Unfortunately, the ROM contents of the Early RIOT-type devices (A2362-13, A2361-13) are nowhere to be found. If we could have a hand on these devices we would be able to recreate them in a minute. So, if you want to help, and if you have any means to do so, please, be our guest and contact us Here and we will see how you can participate to this exciting project of resuscitating vintage pinballs, and eventually share some benefits with you. Don't hesitate contacting us whatever information you have it is useful since there is no information at all for now.

At the moment, the only documentation on this board is Here

On the Mame Github Here we picked also the following information: