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Looking for the PIO 11696 command specifications

This video shows all the PIO 11696 commands in action and their result

Install a clone

This video shows how to install a PPS4 Clone device. Because of their 42 pins, these devices must be installed with caution, in order to keep each pin straight. If a single pin is broken, the best solution is to replace entirely the inexpensive socket PCB, which is there for this very reason actually: spare the other boards.

Read A17 ROM content

This video shows how to read the ROM content of a PPS4 A17xx device. This is just an overview of the preconised method that will allow you to access the inside of an A17.

LED meaning. A rapid diagnostic

An A17_Clone may be working in cat environment without any probs

A standard A17xx clone has got 3 LEDs: The red LED flashes slowly: everything is OK (clocks A and /B are there and correctly synchronized) The red LED flashes rapidly: Problem problem! The red LED is off: Power supply problem (board, or clone itself if board is OK) The yellow LED lit or flashing: There is at least 1 address line which never changes (short-circuit on addresses?) The number of flashes indicates which address is dead (add 3 to the number of flashes) If the yellow led flashes continuously, there is a bigger problem on addresses. The green LED flashes each time the switch system detects a hit. The number of flashes + 3 indicates the number of the hit bank.

How hard it is to print with VHDL

Just for fun: print hello world in python takes 12 seconds. The very same in VHDL takes... Well...